Best Used Cars under 10000 Dollars 2016

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The lovers of cars must be willing to spend the money on one of these used cars. It means that spending an amount of $10,000 is not a big deal. The people are attracted towards these cars because now these vehicles have become so much better. That is why one can easily find a reliable, fun or practical used car for under $10,000. There are so many choices available to the buyers so that they can select the perfect vehicle that suits their range of affordability. Here I have provided a list of the secondhand automobiles that put an end to all your financial worries.

Best Used Cars under 10000 Dollars 2016

Let’s have a look at these ten best cars under 10,000 dollars:

Ford Crown Victoria

01 – Ford Crown Victoria

This Ford Crown Victoria  might not be in ‘civilian’ production but for years it has remained the backbone of most taxi cab services and police forces in North America. The Ford Crown Victoria as a used ‘police package’ comes with features like with a V-8 engine, a huge and comfortable interior, upgraded shocks and cooling, and most likely a detailed set of maintenance records from whichever municipality operated it prior to it being sold at auction. The affordable police package or ‘P71’ 2007-2010 Crown Victoria in the $9,000 to $10,000 range.

Subaru Impreza

02 – Subaru Impreza

The Subaru Impreza can be the perfect choice for the snow-covered roads in winter. The admiring feature is its standard all-wheel drive, which is an excellent system for handling low-traction situations. It is also best for transporting more than its fair share of cargo. The models of 2006-2007 models are available for less than $10,000. In addition to these, the turbocharged WRX Impreza models from 2002-2005 can also be a smart choice.

Honda Civic

03 – Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is an all time favorite versatile car for many people. You can buy  a Honda Civic sedan, coupe, sports car (Si) or hybrid, all within the $10,000. It is very strong in terms of reliability and their inexpensive repair costs keep them on the road for a long time. You can have 2008 Si models and standard Civic editions from 2009 depending upon the mileage it has covered.

Ford Escape

04 – Ford Escape

The Ford Escape can be a perfect family car because it offers a large passenger room and also it offers a lot of space for transporting cargo of all shapes and sizes. So many new Ford Escapes have been sold in the market. Its recent models were so fascinating that helped to push Escape prices down even further. High-mileage 2008 models are available for less than $10,000 along with an optional four-wheel drive. Its 2006 and 2007 editions were even sold at a reasonable price.

Infiniti G35

05 – Infiniti G35

The creation of Infiniti G35  was in response to the BMW 3 Series luxury sedan. It has a great reliability factor along with the high premium feature count. Being a used car it is not that much expensive due to its reasonable pricing. Firstly it was introduced to be the six-cylinder sedan. It brings to you the comfort, power and styling in an affordable price for less than $10,000.

Acura RSX

06 – Acura RSX

The Acura RSX was offered by the Japanese luxury brand in order to entice young buyers into showrooms. The features to attract the buyers were its handling and its styling to add a horse like power to this model of the car. Improvements have been made toward its suspension system. To need to go back to the year 2002 to get this car when it was first introduced or settle for a well-used version at the $10,000 price cap. The final model of this car was produced in 2006.

Toyota Corolla

07 – Toyota Corolla

It is still among the modern cars with this compact sedan which is always seen with its formula of providing basic, comfortable, and frugal transportation. Its S model adds a touch of sportiness to the car’s looks, but at its heart the Toyota Corolla  is designed to consume a little gas to eat up commuter miles. You can easily find a 50,000 mile 2010 model for just $10,000.

Scion xB

08 – Scion xB

It comes with a box-like shape that is why it is appealing to some drivers and offensive to others. In practical it comes with a same right-angle design which makes this small vehicle look like the one with a ton of cargo. There is a lot of space in the second row for the passengers. Its four-cylinder drivetrain is reasonably fuel efficient. The First-generation xB’s are easily found under $10,000, and the other second generation produced in 2007 are also fantastic at this price.

Ford Mustang Mach 1

09 – Ford Mustang Mach 1

There are so many others versions of are available like the GT, the Bullitt, and the V-6 besides the Ford Mustang Mach can be the most rarer and affordable one than others. It comes with a peach of an engine: a 32-valve version of Ford’s 4.6-liter V-8 that produces 305 horsepower, which is a big boost over the base GT. Its features include the larger brake system, a tighter suspension system, and a ‘shaker’ scoop that actually passes through the hood to sit just above the engine. This makes it to go back to 2003 to score this special used car.

Nissan Versa

10 – Nissan Versa

This car used to have a cost of about $10,000 as a brand new car. On the used market rate, you can still buy it due to its larger-than-life interior, efficient four-cylinder engine, and good reliability. Nowadays its two editions are available that are hatch and sedan. The late models of 2011 and 2012 of Vera with 30,000 miles are for $10,000, which comes to be a blazing deal.

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